Happy Fatty Tuesday!

You probably think of a madly colourful Brazilian carnival scene when you hear the words ‘Mardi Gras’ but to me they will always remind me of French class circa 2000/2001. Fatty Tuesday, that’s what it means. Totally unglamourous and lacking in any exotic undertones, but there you have it. Now you know in case you were ever in any doubt. In fairness, fatty Tuesday is far more apt than Shrove Tuesday when you think about all the gluten (and gluten-free) gorging that’s about to occur tomorrow.  

We each have our preferred recipes, some handed down through generations, others simply found on the packet of Odlums mix. Equally, we all have our go-to flavour combinations. I myself lean towards the traditional sugar & lemon variation, though Nutella is hard to refuse.  

Aside from the ingredients you to need to make the perfect pancake, here are a few lovely kitchen accessories that will look great even if your pancake does not.

  1. Gold cooking utensils
    Who doesn’t need a gold spatula in their lives? Flipping brilliant!gold-kitchen-utensils
    Serving Spoon, £19.95, Ladle, £24, Whisk, £18.95, Spatula, £20.95, Cheese Grater, £14.95, Gold Sieves (set of 3), £54, all from Mia Fleur
  2. Peppercorn Apron
    To protect yourself from batter spills…3511174_grey
    Helen James Considered Peppercorn Apron from Dunnes Stores
  3. Decorative serving tray
    For all those lucky enough to be served a pancake breakfast in bed tomorrow, this stunning Pagoda serving tray from Graham & Green is sure to distract you from even the most burnt of pancakes.capture7
    Pagoda tray from Graham & Green (£24.95/€29.25) 
  4. ‘Lemonade Stand’ tea towel
    For the inevitable post-pancake cleanup, this bright and cheery tea towel from Notonthehighstreet.com will hopefully make doing the drying up that little bit easier.

    Lemonade stand tea towel from www.notonthehighstreet.com
  5. Speckled stoneware
    And for the obligatory coffee accompaniment, or tea if you are that way inclined, Søstrene Grene’s new spring interior catalogue has a beautiful collection of stoneware mugs and matching pitcher.

Pitcher (€5.44) and mugs (from €2.34) from Søstrene Grene

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