Trending: The cactus

In my opinion, you know you’ve made it as a home accessory of the moment when you become a candle so it’s fair to say that the cactus is the new pineapple.

Before, the cactus was the choice of greenery lovers  with no obvious green-fingered abilities. Easy to care for and almost impossible to kill, cactus appreciators no longer have to restrict themselves to the terracotta-potted variety.

Quirky yet charming, they’ve been sprouting up all over the place, giving your home endless stylish possibilities.

PA_740634Assorted kitchen complements from Ben de Lisi for Debenhams (from €15 for green cactus trivet)

penneys_726848Pink cactus shaped candle from Penneys (€4)

PA_716892Tall cactus vase  (€67), cactus planter  (€38) Villa Vista from House of Fraser 


Salt and pepperSalt and Pepper shakers from Graham & Green (£20)

amara_523130Vitra Vegetal cactus chair from Amara (£355.20)

dunelm_706315.jpgCactus jewellery holder from Dunelm (£6)


JeremysHomeStore_1675143_CactusArtPrints.jpg_1490094249.jpgCactus art prints from Jeremey’s Home Store (£9.99 for 2)


3 thoughts on “Trending: The cactus

  1. Pineapples are SO last week! I feel cactus are kind of like Buddha or owls… they’re having a moment but won’t last long??!!


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