The lowdown: Spa at home

There’s just something about a trip to the spa that makes me want to pump the sounds of rainfall and tropical birds into my home bathroom upon my return. Yesterday was no different.

Following a weekend in the lovely Loughrea Hotel & Spa, I’m on a mission to recreate that same sense of relaxation and general calmness. It’s what I, like many others, initially chose to base the style and design of our main bathroom on. It was to be a place of sanctuary not just for the body to relax in but also one for the senses, a place that makes you sigh in relief.

At first, I had planned to create quite a dark space with only the softest lighting. The en suite shower would be for the day-to-day but the bathtub was for quiet time. However, the builder put paid to that idea when he announced that our chosen dark charcoal tile had been discontinued (the horror). Faced with the alternative options we ended up at the complete other end of the spectrum with a chalky white.

While I feared this would create a colder, clinical environment rather than the warm, candlelit bubbly version of my dreams, the result has lost none of those serene spa vibes. Next to some warm honey toned woods and with a splash of greenery, a white spa bathroom is the perfect tranquil oasis. Though I still plan to buy some speakers for my rainforest sounds.

Tiled to perfection

Elegance Bathroom Furniture (Walnut Colour)
Photo via Frontline Bathrooms

A white glazed porcelain tile is the perfect base for your spa bathroom but make sure to use the lightest coloured grout to keep a clean finish. It’s high maintenance but worth the upkeep. For the walls, leave some in a crisp white paint and lie a coloured natural stone alongside for the perfect balance of interest and classic style.

For the white tile, see the Elegant range and the unglazed porcelain ‘Chelsea’ tile for the Archstone range. Both available at Halo Tiles in Camolin, County Wexford.



Lighting should be kept as soft as possible and preferably indirect. A single pendant light like the Vita Silvia Brushed Brass lampshade (£64 for the medium) available at Cloudberry Living gives a visual focus but with a cosier, more ambient feel. *Warning, some assembly required.

Little luxuries


The more luxurious the towel the better the feeling. There are endless style options and colours out there but a white towel with a high thread count. Try these 100% cotton towels from The Linen Room range (€18 for the bath sheet) at Harvey Norman. They are highly absorbent and have a super soft and fluffy pile.

Setting the mood


You’ll need to pay a visit to Ikea for some serious tealight stockpiling if you bring this M&S statement multi tealight holder (€40) home. Realistically this would look amazing in a number of places throughout the house but how special would it be to have it sitting on a windowsill in full flame as you unwind in the bath for the evening. Just don’t leave unattended at any time.

The essentials


And speaking of the ultimate unwinding session. What’s more important than somewhere to rest that glass of wine and your pile of all the latest interior mags. The Edison Side Table (£79) from Swoon Editions comes in white or grey and with either mango wood legs (pictured) or rosewood.



A mirror is a must and will really help reflect the light around the room and this AYTM Circum Round Wall Mirror (€195) from Amara is a sleek and stylish option. However, instead of directly mounting the mirror to the wall, float it for added depth.

Splash of foliage


Nothing says spa like foliage. Botanicals like this luscious fern will look beautiful either on the floor, hanging or on a windowsill. While these plants will thrive in the high humidity, I myself have no problem with the plastic versions and you can source some really natural looking ones these days that will fool even the most discerning of green-fingered guests. Just look at this Boston Fern in a stone pot (£30) from Sweetpea & Willow. Could’ve fooled me!

The final touches

Amroth VI Black & white photograph (Giclée) by David Baker c. Artfinder.

Lastly, peaceful paintings or photography will add the final touches. This black & white signed photograph taken at Amroth in Pembrokeshire by UK photographer David Baker (€140.75) via definitely had the desired soothing effect on me. Alternatively, grab a high-res version of one of your favourite pics and bring to your local print shop.

Happy relaxing!

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2 thoughts on “The lowdown: Spa at home

  1. Definitely have a hankering for a spa visit after reading this! I already have the white bathroom and fancy guest towels so maybe I’m halfway there already!

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