The lowdown: New Ikea STOCKHOLM 2017 collection

A new collection from Ikea is always something to make my bank balance quiver in fear and the new STOCKHOLM 2017 range is doing just that.

Inspired by light and nature, the new 47-piece collection was designed to tie in with your existing interior set up rather than replace it entirely. The pieces are to freshen up a scheme and work with your current furniture and homewares, depending on what you need, or in my case, want.

Cool, coastal blues and vibrant, zingy reds are the standout colours. Ikea describes the blue as a dark, Nordic blue inspired by Scandinavian waters, ‘which is always cold — even in the summer time’. Paired with lighter woods and natural materials such as rattan, the STOCKHOLM 2017 collection offers a modern and stylish seaside feel.

You can also see this from the wave pattern cushions influenced by ‘that shimmer you see in water that’s come from the cold sea, as well as a cold winter’s night sky’. One of the standout pieces is the bright red sofa, the colour of which Ikea says represents a burning sunset.

What I’ll definitely be purchasing from the new range are some of the hand-made, glass carafes, bowls and serving plates. Perfect for the summer dining table, be you inside or out!

1301412984 13051130191299513040


Two-seat Sofa (€995), colour options available
Rattan Chair (from €145), cushions are additional cost
Rug (from €185), various options available
Table Lamp (€49)
Rattan cabinet (€350)
Rattan coffee table (from €95), various sizes available
Assorted glassware (from €7)
Assorted cushions (all €15 each)


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