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So much for being a rare mythical creature! The unicorn invasion continues to take hold of the world gastronomy with the news that the craze’s latest sartorial victim is the humble pizza. Yes, unicorn pizza is now a thing.

We’ve had unicorn cake, unicorn bark, unicorn frappuccinos and even unicorn bagels. We have officially reached unicorn saturation point. In fact, we’re beyond it.

At first it seemed like a harmless trip down ’90s memory lane to a time when My Little Pony was as close as I was ever going to get to owning a real horse. Colourful, girly and sickly sweet, it was a cute fad for the briefest of moments.

But like every good fad. It hasn’t stopped with food. Oh no. Unicorn hair, anyone? Name your paraphernalia of choice and I bet it comes in unicorn form and interiors are no different. While still more suitable for kids’ bedrooms, there are of course grown up equivalents for the adult unicorn enthusiast, if you absolutely must.

Two questions! 1) When will this unicorn infestation end? 2) What will it be replaced with? I’m going to say the Dodo 🙂

Unicorns for the grown ups (if you must)

Erin Petson Unicorn 02‘Unicorn’ print by Erin Peterson (from €90.80) available at


Einhorn Weiß & GoldWhite & Gold Unicorn Head (€59.80*) from


Leica SPegasus vase (£25) from Marks & Spencer


Possibly still on the childish side but this cushion is called the Pegasus cushion (€164) rather than a unicorn and it’s available from Amara so it’s clearly more sophisticated. It’s also available at a very un-childish price.

capture 3Unicorn head (€480) available at


Unicorns for the kids

CaptureWhite Unicorn Standing Light (€12), Penney’s

Capture2Unicorn on a bike cushion (€35),

Arthouse Rainbow Unicorn Pink WallpaperRainbow Unicorn Pink Wallpaper (£14.99 per roll), Arthouse

Unicorn Table Lamp 1Unicorn Table Lamp (€37*), Yellow Octopus


* As ever, prices converted using

3 thoughts on “Trending: Unicorns

  1. I have to agree with Sarah on this one. I can’t imagine most these pieces in a tastefully decorated home. Other trends like the pineapples could be incorporated in a more subtle way but these are too overpowering IMO.

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