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I regularly debate this with myself but the majority of the time I can come to the conclusion that Autumn is by far and away my favourite season. The novelty of crunching leaves underfoot has never worn off and I’m probably one of the few people to be happy to reach for the gloves when the chilly mornings arrive.

Autumn is pumpkin spice and all things nice. It’s when I get to laugh at him indoors for his inability to pronounce the word ‘autumnal’. It’s a fanfare of colour; mustards, burnt oranges, deep reds, warm browns and golds.

But my favourite autumnal moment involves another colour in the autumn palette; berry picking. Come September I’m firmly on blackberry watch, keeping weekly progress reports so that I know when they’re just ripe. The dark, almost blackish colour of the berry, its purple/reddish juices and then the deep plum tones it takes one when baked in some crumble or pie, that’s what Autumn is all about for me.

I love the colour so much that I painted our entire attic/man cave (right down to the skirting boards and across the ceiling) in Luscious Rush by Colourtrend, an opulent mulberry tone that reminded me of a luxurious 1930s traditional gentleman’s club where the rooms smelled of nothing but brandy and cigars.

But you don’t need to go that far, even the smallest injection of this beautiful shade will mean your space doesn’t have to hibernate for winter.

homesense_3253601066570665This vase, if you ignore the shape, even looks like a blackberry! Its textured exterior of dark purple with patches of ripening red (€24.99) is from HomeSense’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection so get moving before they’re all picked (up).


marksandspencer_9820119972278361This living room set-up is all about the purple and the roaring fire, checked furniture and accessories, as well as those cosy throws mean I’m already half way into my onesie and ready to vegetate on the couch. There are so made shades out there whether your lean towards the more vibrant, reddish ones or whether you prefer them a little more earthy like this. Pic and all the furniture and accessories is from Marks & Spencer.

michaelmurphy_244111931205874079It’s called Summer Midnight (€139) but this print from Michael Murphy seems far more like a September sunset than twilight in July. Even the bare black branches look like they are all set for winter as some red foliage clings on.

cuckooland_2783317825829111My shower radio came to an unfortunate end a few months back but when I came across the aMOVE speaker (£78/€87) from Kreafunk, I knew I had found a suitable replacement. Super stylish with a touch of retro, I love how the lovely little tan leather handle really sets off the plum coloured cover. Other funky colours available on!

CushionCushions are the easiest way of changing a scheme to suit the season and I have an unhealthy love for them. Just look at this multi-coloured check beauty (€91) from Tom Dixon for Amara. 100% wool in beautiful earthy tones, who could resist?

Graduate Collection Stag Wallpaper - PlumThis Graduate Collection Stag Print Wallpaper (£125 per roll/€140) by designer Lisa Bliss and available at definitely requires a bit of bravery with its big and bold stag design. Reminiscent of a rustic lodge in the mountains/Scottish Highlands, it was created as an original hand silk screen print before being digitally printed onto a high quality non-woven paper.

Imperial Glass VaseThe Imperial Glass Vase (£29.95/€33.50) from Audenza is a rich, purple coloured hand blown glass, perfect for displaying a fall bouquet. While the blooms pictured here don’t quite fit the Autumn brief, look instead to heathers, anemones, asters and some roses that still flower deep into the season…. or check out my Instagram for these amazing purple leaves!

Floral prints are not just for spring and summer, there are many a blossomy pattern that won’t look out of place right through winter. Whether it’s for your curtains, a dramatic wall mural or even some more cushions like the selection pictured from Michael Murphy, look for bigger designs in darker, richer colours and they will see you through til spring.


*“She must be plumb crazy, I kinda think I like her, I kinda think I do…..”, Kings of Leon – Arizona


*Prices converted at the time of posting using If a website asks if you want to convert to your currency and you end up paying more in €, stick with £ option!! 🙂

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