The weekly glaze: Logging off…

After the day we’ve had we can be forgiven for wanting to curl up in front of the fire and wait for the remnants of Ophelia to leave us for good (it’s 11pm and she’s grouchier than ever). So in the spirit of sheltering on a stormy evening, here are a few ideas for some indoor log storage options that will save you having to venture outside to stock up!


6662447759d828dde16017c76f355a1fGot an alcove? Why not give up a few of the lower shelves and create a custom built-in log storage? By using up just the bottom half you can still leave room to display books, photos and any knick-knacks you have (a snow globe and a bedazzled elephant, in my case). Have a look at this amazing 1960s ranch house in Marin, California designed by Jennifer Jones of Niche Interiors.
thegreatgiftcompany_1631857650386782For something a bit more freestanding, this Circular Metal Log Holder (£55) from The Great Gift Company has been on my shopping list for awhile now. Probably more style over substance, it will still hold a fair few logs while the main bulk can be held, outside or under the stairs (in our case).
CaptureHemp is the perfect fabric as its natural fibres make it durable and suitably strong to hold enough logs to see you through a stormy evening. Try the large log basket from ethical homewares provider, Decorator’s Notebook (£69.95)
ladyminerals_160126-_DSC5458Fixed to the wall, this vertical storage unit creates a real feature in any room and will work well in both traditional and modern schemes. For something similar, the Rais Woodwall Tall is available at Fenton Fires in Wicklow.

AUDENZA_1261276_MonochromeBambooBasketsSetof3.jpg_1508177222Made from bamboo and rattan, this trio of woven baskets (£109 for the three from Audenza) have a funky Ikat-style pattern that brings an instant tribal vibe to any room. You can of course use them for logs but they can even double up as a plant pot.

LudlowStovesLtd_1810864_CharnwoodArc7withlogstore.jpg_1508177342Another alcove idea for those of you who are shelf free, just stack em up loose and keep going up. Instant wall decor! Pic from Ludlow Stoves

Wilko_6474535670041A slight trick but this is in fact a log mural wallpaper (available at for £49.90) To be honest, I’m not a big fan of faux scenes such as this one but if you have a big enough space, then why not create the real thing? Talk about a wall feature!
4kant_zilalila_wit_nestAnd finally, another little curve-ball but the only way truly log off is to light the fire, get on the fluffy pjs, cup of tea in hand and settle yourself into the NEST knitted bean bag from Zilalila (€649, plus €19.95 for delivery to Ireland). Available in white, light grey, greyish brown and dark grey, this handmade in Nepal using the highest quality New Zealand wool. Will be asking Santa to be nice to me.


Stay safe all!








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