Trending: Time to deck the halls – Ideas for your Christmas Tree décor

Warning! This post contains no mentions of gin baubles or any other gin related Christmas decorations. Apologies for any disappointment caused but I’m all ginned out. 

Our tree was always an eclectic display of ornaments gathered over many years. From my grandfather’s handmade robins to the felt ice skates I insisted on having during my ‘will grow up to be an ice skater’ phase, mismatched coordination was always the look we aimed for in our house, a look we continuously achieved. Now with my own abode and tree to festoon, it’s something I’ve been trying to replicate with a collection that’s growing at a steady pace. Now, no matter where I go, I always have my eyes peeled for the next addition.

For me, Christmas baubles and ornaments are not just plastic glitter balls you unbox once a year, they tell stories, have histories, remind you of people and of places. I have a lovely little angel who sits on a crescent moon that I got on my solo trip to Bath for the Jane Austen festival. Then there’s Julia, my 1920s flapper girl that sits atop a champagne bottle, coupe in hand, reminding me of my time spent living in Dundrum.

Some are weird but all are wonderful in their own little way and I can’t wait to add some new memories again this year. Thankfully there are choices aplenty whether you love a classic look or prefer a little bit of tack.

For the classic tree

There’s nothing wrong with being a traditionalist when it comes to trimming the tree. Reds, greens, golds, robins and chubby Santas are what Christmas is all about. You can never go wrong with a classic look or a parachuting Santa!

Clockwise from top right:

A tree with a little bit of kitsch 

There seems to be no shortage of kitsch when it comes to Christmas decorations this year. On offer seems to be a zeitgeist of some of the homeware stars of 2017. Love them or loathe them, flamingos, llamas, pineapples and cacti are here to stay and will be hanging from a branch near you.

Clockwise from top right:


For the on trend tree

Still on trend but a bit more sophisticated, our continuing interiors love for copper, brass and geometrics has been extended to our Christmas tree decorations. They will fit in perfectly with your existing décor and give an elegant finishing touch to your Christmas look.


For the tree from the movies

Christmas is a time for children and for adults to come over all childlike. Christmas decorations should be fun and bring a smile and what better way than to symbolise some of the family’s favourite festive films. Penneys (or Primark) are doing some fantastic Disney-inspired decorations that are flying off the shelves but if you get there quick you might just find a Mrs Potts bauble leftover.


Clockwise from top right

*Yes, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars was a biography but I just love this ornament and had to get it in somewhere.
















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