In the news: The Pinterest 100

I can say with absolute certainty that I’m not the only one who has lost hours to the meandering journey that a Pinterest session takes you on. You may have started with looking up pictures of Christmas tree décor but before you know it it’s three hours later and you’re studying floral table arrangements and two clicks away from buying some oasis floral foam on Amazon to create your centrepiece masterpiece. Time well spent!


But the good people at Pinterest know us far too well and have come up with the Pinterest 100 – the top 100 things, across all its top categories, that we will be searching for in 2018.

For the interior design enthusiast, it’s great news! Pinterest’s ‘Home’ category is one of the fastest growing with a 75% increase in Pins year on year. According to the data, Pinners spend 27% more on décor than those who don’t use Pinterest and this year we’re looking at everything from big renovation projects to small styling solutions.

Prepare to be inspired…

Sage advice


Image is ‘Sage Green (80)’ by Little Greene

Our sage searching has nothing to do with us becoming any wiser in 2018. Instead, Pinterest has used its data to join the rest of the colour clairvoyants in telling us what colour we’ll be splashing on our walls next year. According to them, Sage will be the new neutral if the 170% uplift in saves is to be believed.


Magical metallics

Image from Boca Do Lobo

This isn’t so hard to believe given the great rose gold fetish of 2017. Metallic accents are everywhere from fabrics, furniture, wallpapers and countless other fixtures and finishes. People are now working out to how use a variety of metals together with searches for ‘mixed metals’ increasing by 423%.

Tempted by Terrazzo

Image from

Now Terrazzo is something I’ve had my eye on for a few months but I’m glad I’m not alone in my love for this confetti-like material/pattern (saves are up 316%).

The fifth wall

Image from Pinterest

It’s not just about your four walls anymore, you need to look up for added potential. Statement ceilings are expected to be big this year with a 310% increase in saves on Pinterest. I know it’s a daunting prospect to stray from the white expanse above your head but be brave and try a striking colour paint or funky wallpaper. This is one I think i’ll try myself.

Patterned plants

Faux Zebra Grass Plant £102. Monkey Wall Shelf £49. Terrazzo Table £195.
Image from Audenza

2017 was the year of greenery, so it’s unsurprising that people have a new penchant for plants. But it’s no longer just about being green and leafy, people are after something with that little something extra and saves for ‘patterned plants’ have increased by 533%. Try a Zebra plant for some distinctive foliage with its glossy green finish and white veins.

Go big or go home Wall Art

Anyone who knows me knows I’m partial to the odd print. My other half knows all too well as he’s always the unfortunate being who has to hang them… and I get very stressed when something isn’t centred or level (sorry love). According to Pinterest, we’re all looking for something that will fill a blank space with posters, prints or photography with saves for ‘big wall art’ increasing by 637%. Check out my ‘Shimmer Shimmer 3’ from Lola Donoghue!

Beautiful to the bone

Image from Graham & Green

One of the more surprising trends is ‘Bone inlay’ furniture which had a 207% increase in saves. For me, this style of furniture is a celebration of tribal design, hand crafted pieces and beautiful geometic and floral patterns. Try Graham & Green for some unique pieces such as mirrors, side tables and chest of drawers.

Other Pinterest trends for the year ahead include colourful front doors (up 121%), spa bathrooms (up 269%) and a continued love for herringbone wooden floors (up 131%).

What will you be trying?

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