Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017 in style

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2017 but what say you to one more party for the road? Admittedly, New Year’s Eve languishes at the bottom end of my favourite celebrations, as I’m sure is the case for many others. However, instead of traipsing into town for a squishy, stuffy and overpriced NYE evening that ends up in tears more often than not, I prefer to keep it local with a stay-at-home soirée.

Bowls upon bowls of half eaten cans of Pringles, leftover mince pieces and the Roses nobody wanted to eat are the staples of any party who’s host/hostess is trying to empty the Christmas stockpile. They sit right next to that half drunk bottle of whiskey you used for the Christmas cake (the good bottle you got as a present being well hidden, or so you think!) and the over enthusiastic wine collection you got in Aldi for Christmas day, just in case. Waste not, want not, as they say!

So lay the table with some smart servingware, brush up on your cocktail making skills (mine’s a Mojito) and have a glamourous affair in the comfort of your own home.

Happy New Year!

PARTY Balloon Bunting, Moss Cottage


Every party needs some glittery decorations and this eye-catching PARTY Balloon Bunting (€7), from Moss.ie should do the trick. Five 12″ balloons and no need for helium, string em’ up and get the party started!


G&Tea Glass Cocktail Set, Cuckooland


It’s all very Alice and Wonderland and wouldn’t look out of place when pouring your morning cup of tae thanks to its heat resistant glass. However, with the every increasing partiality for gin (and the fact that G&Tea is written on the pot), the G&Tea Glass Cocktail Set (£29.95), Cuckooland.com is the perfect vessel for some delicious concoctions that will surely impress. Only downside is that it only comes with two glass teacups. More for me!


Cock/Tail Coasters, Jonathan Adler


For any parties at home, coasters are a must… at least at the start, when your guests are more careful and you are more conscious. These four shimmering white and gold (and slightly suggestive) coasters are made from high-fired porcelain with 24-karat gold accents. Find them on Amara.com (€107) or JonanthanAdler.com (£88).


Mia Beer Glass, Designist


Every nice coaster needs a nice glass and no party should just be about the cocktail drinkers and their coupes. Beer drinkers too can enjoy some glamourous glassware of their own with these short stemmed Mia beer glasses (€20 for 2), from designist. Made from 100% recycled glass, these mouthblown glasses have a lovely waved texture and are part of a wider range of tumblers, bowls, bottles and jars.


Pimlico Drinks Trolley, Dunelm


No stylish shindig is complete without somewhere to assemble your cocktail creations and proudly display your dazzling array of booze. With a large enough gap between the two shelves, you could almost fit in a Methusaleh bottle of Veuve! This Pimlico Drinks Trolley is finished in a beautiful antique brass effect with mirrored glass shelves (£149), Dunelm.


MIXTUR Oven/Serving Dish, Ikea


A handy little set of dishes that can be used to either cook and/or serve your nibbles, the MIXTUR set of glass dishes (€9), from Ikea, is oven safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Mine will be filled with nothing but olives, yum.


Pineapple Dispenser, TK Maxx


If you’re serving in bulk then you need something a little more impressive than a big pot and a ladle. Taking inspiration from one the biggest 2017 homeware trends, the Pineapple Dispenser (£24.99) from TK Maxx is ideal for your NYE party (not available online).


Art Deco Cocktail Essentials, House of Fraser

HyperFocal: 0

Whether you’re planning a Gatsbyesque New Year’s party or just want a touch of old Hollywood glamour, House of Fraser has you covered with a collection of ritzy barware from Biba. The range includes the Biba Royale Cocktail Tray (£40) and Cocktail Shaker (£18), the Royale Decanter (£40) and the obligatory opulent champagne saucers from the Gold Rim Optic Glassware range (from £7).


Boutique Bar, Michael Murphy


And if you’ve more room than the rest of us, why not add your own at-home bar! The super-cool Boutique Bar (currently on sale at €585) from Michael Murphy is made from beautiful acacia wood and has a concrete-look counter top that gives it an industrial look. With a handy metal foot rest (but unfortunately no hooks to hang up your coat… you’ll live), pull up a stool and it’ll be just like Cheers, where everybody knows your name because if they don’t, you might be a the wrong party.


Enjoy the party and see you in 2018!


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