6 Portuguese Designers to watch from Maison & Objet

After just one day spent at Maison et Objet, it’s taken me a week to recover. And what a day it was! Discoveries galore, not to mention a significant number of learnings for the next visit (for starters, never go for just one day, it’s nowhere near enough)! However, one of the biggest revelations, at least for me, was the dominance of Portuguese design which seems to be having a major moment.

Photo from Boca do Lobo

When you think of Portugal you think of Port, Pasteis de Nata and Azulejos tiles. These beautiful patterned tiles adorn the facades of buildings across the country and are an iconic staple of Portguese design. Now, designers in the major cities of Lisbon and Porto are combining those traditional, artisanal techniques that the country is famed for and giving them a modern, elegant twist.

Come and see what I found …

Altto Living


From Porto, Altto Living is all about quality and style. A sleek balance between functionality and design, each piece has a real boutique feel but still wouldn’t look out of place in your own home.

Royal Stranger


Visiting Royal Stranger‘s stand was like falling down the rabbit hole and ending up in Wonderland. So when they told me that one of the three collections on display was called ‘Wonderland’, I felt an immense sense of pride in being able to pick up on the sartorial subtleties.

Burel Mountain Originals

Burel-1432784.jpg Burel-4843582_web-960x1280@2x

With its roots in the local wool industry, Burel uses the factory’s original looms dating from the 1940s to make traditional fabrics using the old techniques. It’s clearly worth the effort when the result is these beautiful blankets featuring stunning patterns based on Portuguese heritage.

Mambo Unlimited Designs



Mambo is not so Italiano when you pay a visit to Lisbon’s Mambo Unlimited Ideas. Lots of geometric patterns, brass details and Art Deco-inspired pieces on show here but with the popularity of bench seating, my favourite was the State bench with its black and white gingham print and bright yellow metal legs.

Circu Magical Furniture

bun-van-ambience-circu-magical-furniture-01 fantasy-balloon-ambience-circu-magical-furniture-01

This is what I imagine obscenely rich people choose for their children’s bedrooms. It’s the kind of extravagance that Kim Kardashian and Béyonce would go for to spoil their little darlings. And with the serious price tags that accompany them, you’d have to have a Kardashian bank balance to afford them. So kids, if mammy and daddy win the lotto then ask them to pay a visit to Circu Magical Furniture.




Luxurious, opulent, elegant and bling are the words I use to describe Brabbu. Ultra modern, contemporary designs that have a touch of exclusivity about them, Brabbu use the highest quality materials to produce items of sheer beauty.

Got any more Portuguese designers I need to know about? Comment below or message me!



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