Be your own valentine: 7 gifts you’ll want to buy yourself this Valentine’s Day

I read that we’re each expected to spend approximately €56 on a present for our other half for Valentine’s Day. That’s impressive given the amount of people out there who choose to ignore the day or pretend they forgot (it is no longer possible to genuinely forget, there are too many mediums for mass marketing to remain oblivious). There are clearly some big spenders out there as €56 would get you a fair few M&S dine for two offers and supermarket bouquets (which by the way I would be delighted to receive)! But why rely on someone else to buy you something cute and pretty. We’re always being told that we need to love ourselves, so go and show that  you care about you!

Here are a few small tokens of my affection for myself (keeping in mind the €56 budget)…


I hate you the least mug, April and the Bear

I love the not so subtle look of contempt from this cat. It’s a mug with serious attitude. The illustrations are by artist Gemma Cornell and you can find it at April and the Bear for €14. So sweet!

burren perfumery

Candle, The Burren Perfumery

Who doesn’t love a nice candle? I sure do. There is so much choice out there, not just in variety of scents but also in the number of producers that you don’t have to look any further than Irish shores to find some exciting local candlemakers such as The Burren Perfumery. Made from soy wax and essential oils inspired by the scents of the surrounding landscape, candles offer a heady burn time of 24 hours. I’ll be ordering the Meadowsweet and Red Mandarin, €12.50.



Get it Done Planner, Pippa Collection

I think all of us of a certain vintage will remember collecting fancy paper (ah, simpler times). I feel sorry for kids today who will never know the joy of trading a soppy bunny rabbit page for something with My Little Pony on it. I think this is where my love of stationery and good looking note books comes from. With four different designs of this beautifully elegant 12-month undated planner from Pippa O’Connor’s Pippa Collection (€45) will make me want to stay organised and look extremely pretty on my shelf.



Winter Bright Stripe Blanket, Moss Cottage

Ok so I broke the €56 average spend but if you can’t spoil yourself then what’s the point! Made from 100% pure wool,  you’ll want to grab your new condescending little cat mug, make yourself a cup of tea and cuddle up in this stylish brightly-coloured herringbone weave throw from Moss Cottage (€65). Happy days!



Lau Vase, Article

I’m all about building a collection of vases at the moment. Ever since I bought myself a bouquet of daffodils and had to put them in a pint glass, I’ve been on the hunt for a few lovely vessels for my floral displays. The Lau Vase from Article (€12.95) with its Valentine’s colour palette, is like a slightly moody sunset and will still look beautiful long after your flowers have died away (which is always sooner rather than later in my case).



Fringe Cushion, Dust

I’m obsessed with fringe and I will never stop buying cushions. Two things that my other half is not happy with. We’ve gotten to a stage now where I’m just hiding cushions where he can’t find them and swapping them in and out to see if he notices. This berry Flapper cushion from Dust (€54) may not go unnoticed.



Artificial White Rose, Harvey Norman

Finally, no Valentine’s Day would be complete without the obligatory bouquet. But as I said, I don’t have the best abilities when it comes to ensuring long lasting plants and flowers. That’s why I’m a big fan of artificial flowers. While many people might baulk at the though, I think faux-flowers are a fantastic option. There are so many offerings out there that can look incredibly realistic. Keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme (and because we just watched The Hunger Games), I quite like these white roses from Harvey Norman, (€7.50). Just remember to dust them down every now and again!


Happy Valentine’s Day. Now go and treat yourself!





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