Snowed under with beautiful interiors

With many interiors schemes people often try to bring the outside in but looking outside to the blanket of white, I’m not sure that applies for most people at the moment. Yet most of us would share the opinion that a dusting of icing sugar snow creates the most beautiful of scenes, turning even the harshest, ugliest landscape into a magical Instagram-worthy opp.

Anyone who knows me knows I love snow and I’m frankly jealous that when I look outside, I know there are places with much deeper coverage than what we have. The only person who could possibly love snow more than I is Lorelai Gilmore and she’s a fictional character, or so I’m reminded.

So with all of this wonderful wintery weather, let’s bring that outside in (figuratively obviously, not literally) and admire all the gleaming white home offerings that are out there at the moment.




  1. Swallow Clock, Haoshi Design (€169),
  2. Vita Eos Light (from €59 for micro), CA Design
  3. Chaos Coordinator Candle (€4), Penneys
  4. White Porcelain Vase (€18), Lamb Design
  5. Black Grass Art Print (from $19.99), Society6
  6. Lish Large Sideboard (£795), Cuckooland
  7. Mountain Moon Woven Cushion by Donna Wilson (€80), Amara
  8. Molly Armchair by Kare Design (€1,049), Woo Design


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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