According to the dictionary, glazed means ‘to overlay or cover with a smooth, shiny coating or finish’. A handy little word that covers each of my two greatest passions, interiors and baking.

I bought my first fluffy cushion at 8, single-handedly repainted my entire bedroom aged 13 and wanted to be an interior designer ever since Will & Grace taught me there was a name for such a career. Now with an array of interior magazine subscriptions, a new home and a well worn Pinterest account, I’m hoping this blog might force me to put some shape on my endless design daydreaming.

I’ve loved to write since a young age and many iterations ago this blog began as a baking only blog. Brought on by that little known show called The Great British Bake Off, like so many of my fellow bakers and cake makers, my baking obsession has begun to get out of hand.

Mary Berry is now my hero. You may keep your glittery Hollywood celebs, in my mind there’s no one that can compare with Queen Mary. I met her once and told her I made her Malteaser Cake. In an attempt to praise her recipe, I told her that the family had loved it. Her response; “well you must be a great baker so!” Those words will stay with me forever.


Hope you enjoy xx

glazed – because life is sweet