Trending: Plum crazy

I regularly debate this with myself but the majority of the time I can come to the conclusion that Autumn is by far and away my favourite season. The novelty of crunching leaves underfoot has never worn off and I’m probably one of the few people to be happy to reach for the gloves when … More Trending: Plum crazy

Trending: Unicorns

So much for being a rare mythical creature! The unicorn invasion continues to take hold of the world gastronomy with the news that the craze’s latest sartorial victim is the humble pizza. Yes, unicorn pizza is now a thing. We’ve had unicorn cake, unicorn bark, unicorn frappuccinos and even unicorn bagels. We have officially reached … More Trending: Unicorns

Trending: Flamingos

What an amazingly sunny weekend we just had. I can only hope that it’s the start and not the end of a beautiful summer to come. But even if the rain does arrive to spoil the summery vibes, it looks as if the Retro Tropicana trend will be sticking around for some time to come, … More Trending: Flamingos

The lowdown: New Ikea STOCKHOLM 2017 collection

A new collection from Ikea is always something to make my bank balance quiver in fear and the new STOCKHOLM 2017 range is doing just that. Inspired by light and nature, the new 47-piece collection was designed to tie in with your existing interior set up rather than replace it entirely. The pieces are to freshen up a … More The lowdown: New Ikea STOCKHOLM 2017 collection

On the table: Easter

I love Easter. It’s like a calmer version of Christmas but with more pastel colours,  tulips and legs of lamb. Easter is Fred Astaire and Judy Garland singing about Easter bonnets. Easter is blues, pinks, yellows and purples; yellow and purple being the Cadbury colours, do you reckon that was deliberate? While synonymous with gorging … More On the table: Easter