On the table: Easter

I love Easter. It’s like a calmer version of Christmas but with more pastel colours,  tulips and legs of lamb. Easter is Fred Astaire and Judy Garland singing about Easter bonnets. Easter is blues, pinks, yellows and purples; yellow and purple being the Cadbury colours, do you reckon that was deliberate? While synonymous with gorging … More On the table: Easter

Trending: Terrazzo

Terrazzo has been talked about for awhile now but this blog hasn’t been around long so it’s my turn to share my love for this amazing material. Terrazzo is a sort of polished concrete that is made up of chips of marble, quartz, glass and granite and has a real mosaic look. It’s like tickertape, … More Trending: Terrazzo

The weekly glaze: Some woman for one woman, Happy Mother’s Day

Panic not, there are still two full days to go until Mother’s Day and sure it doesn’t matter whether you turn up with petrol station flowers or a voucher for a spa weekend, provided you turn up. All she really wants is to spend time with you. Though I wouldn’t advise banking on that justification if … More The weekly glaze: Some woman for one woman, Happy Mother’s Day

Trending: The cactus

In my opinion, you know you’ve made it as a home accessory of the moment when you become a candle so it’s fair to say that the cactus is the new pineapple. Before, the cactus was the choice of greenery lovers  with no obvious green-fingered abilities. Easy to care for and almost impossible to kill, cactus … More Trending: The cactus